Legal Representation Following An ATV Accident

Riding ATVs has, quite quickly, become a national pastime. As many people know, it is a thrilling way to get outdoors and explore new terrain. It’s also well-known that ATV accidents are a regular occurrence. There are thousands of crashes each year, leading to thousands of injuries and dozens of deaths. Unfortunately, just one accident can be enough to sideline you from riding and other activities, sometimes for the remainder of your life.

If you have been involved in ATV accident (these vehicles also go by the term “quads”), hiring the best New Mexico accident attorney should be a priority. A qualified lawyer can help you pursue maximum compensation and fight back against insurance companies that challenge your claims. To this end, the lawyers at Sanders Law Firm can assist. Serving throughout the state since 1945, our firm has earned a reputation for obtaining fair and just restitution for our clients, and for asserting their rights in the courtroom whenever the situation requires it. This is why the American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys has listed us among their “10 Best Law Firms.”

What Causes ATV Accidents?

An ATV crash could be the fault of the person you were riding with (the operator of the vehicle). It could be the fault of the owner of the trail you were riding on (if the trail was not properly kept up). In many cases, ATV’s manufacturer is to blame. Our firm is skilled in determining which party is at fault, and holding them to account.

When working with a lawyer, you’ll want to be sure to provide them with the following details:

  • Date and location of the accident. Was anyone else involved or injured in the accident besides you?
  • The injuries you suffered. Are any of the injuries preventing you from working and earning a living? Have you received medical attention? Are you following your doctor’s instructions?
  • What was your role? Were you a passenger? Was the operator reckless or impaired in any way? If you were driving, were others on the trail operating their vehicles irresponsibly?
  • What are your medical bills (estimated if need be) to this point?

Even if you were properly outfitted with a helmet and other protective gear, you could still have suffered significant injuries from the accident. But it’s crucial to find an attorney who can help determine liability in a definitive manner.

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