When Your Job Causes Repetitive Stress Injuries

For a number of office workers across the country, going to work on a daily basis can lead to physical suffering. Though workplace injuries are most frequently associated with construction or industrial professions, they are common among desk workers, too. Indeed, after a number of years, employees can begin to incur injuries to the neck, back, hands or legs that result from repetitive stress.

If you are one of these individuals, you may be able to file for workers’ compensation benefits. Doing so can help you obtain the funds you need for medical care and related expenses. If you obtain such benefits, however, it is important to work with a qualified lawyer. Simply put, a lawyer can ensure your employer is held accountable for your injuries, and prevent employers from retaliating against workers who file claims. Based in Roswell, and serving throughout New Mexico, the attorneys at Sanders Law Firm can help. Established in 1946, our firm has earned a reputation for providing workers across the state the legal assistance they need — when they need it.

Bolstering Your Case

When working with an attorney, make sure you share with them the following:

  • Your daily work responsibilities — What are your daily responsibilities in the workplace? Are you expected to do an inordinate amount of lifting, standing or sitting on the job? If so, has this led to medical issues for you in the past? Have you spoken with your supervisor about changing your daily routine to better accommodate your medical needs? Has your employer implemented an injury and illness prevention program in your office?
  • Injuries you have suffered — As a result of your repetitive work responsibilities, are you having trouble receiving qualified workers’ compensation? How is this impacting you in terms of your finances? How much work have you missed as a result of your injuries? Have the injuries taken a toll on more than your finances?

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