Don’t Let An Employer Retaliate After Filing For Workers’ Comp

If you have suffered a serious injury in the workplace, you are likely entitled to compensation through New Mexico’s workers’ compensation program. Simply put, workers’ compensation is a key part of our state’s economy, ensuring that injured employees receive financial relief to cover any medical bills as well as any time missed from work, among other concerns.

But many workers who are hurt on the job are hesitant to file a claim. They fear that their employer will retaliate; many worry that they will lose their jobs.

However, it is illegal for employers to retaliate against employees who file for workers’ compensation. And, when they try to do so anyway, we can help. At Sanders Law Firm, our attorneys have extensive experience holding employers to account. We are skilled in ensuring that employers do not withhold a worker’s rightful payments, and pursue legal action if they try to demote, fire or otherwise punish a worker for filing a claim.

Let Us Fight For You

It is important to work with a lawyer if you have endured any of the following scenarios:

  • Unfair treatment from your employer after submitting a workers’ compensation claim.
  • Required to return to work before you were physically and emotionally ready to. This could lead to your dismissal if your boss senses you’re not doing your job up to previous standards.
  • Being singled out for underperforming, though this was never an issue in the past with your employer.
  • Receiving different treatment from not only your boss, but also your co-workers.
  • Drop in your salary.
  • Being passed over for potential promotions.

If there is retaliation by your employer following your workplace injury, make sure you fight back through the legal channels. Doing so is, in many cases, the only means of avoiding financial and professional pitfalls.

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