Legal Support After Dog Bites And Animal Attacks

If you’ve been bitten by another person’s dog, or have suffered an injury by a similar animal attack, you may have the opportunity to seek compensation through the legal system. The costs of medical care after such incidents can be expensive. There will be hospital bills, doctors’ fees, prescription costs and related concerns. By working with a lawyer, you may be able to obtain restitution for your injuries.

We can assist. Since 1945, the attorneys at Sanders Law Firm have offered assertive and effective legal guidance to injured individuals throughout the state of New Mexico. If an animal’s handler was negligent or careless in such a way that led to your suffering, we can help you pursue the compensation — and justice — to which you are entitled.

How You Can Strengthen Your Case

An attorney will be essential to helping you navigate the legal system, fighting back against insurance companies and understanding how much your case is worth. But it is important that you participate in your matter. To the extent possible, you should inform your lawyer about:

  • The incident — Provide as many details as possible about the bite or attack. Consider whether or not you were trespassing, or whether you (or someone you were with) provoked the dog. If you’re able, provide your attorney with physical evidence of your injuries, any medical documentation you might have, and the testimonies of any available witnesses.
  • Finances — Depending on how severe the injuries end up being, your medical bills could quickly accumulate. In some cases, the injuries will require one or more surgeries or possible skin grafts. There is also the possibility of rabies or other diseases that can be fatal in some circumstances. Don’t let someone’s negligence lead you down a path of financial misery.

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