Legal Support When Erb’s Palsy Manifests

Erb’s palsy is a condition involving paralysis of the arm caused by damage to the arm’s upper group of main nerves. It severely limits one’s ability to move and function as normal. Often, Erb’s palsy occurs during an abnormal or difficult labor or childbirth, and with some frequency is the result of medical negligence. A physician or nurse may have failed to adhere to the proper standard of care during pregnancy, or overlooked the risk of Erb’s palsy (also called dystocia) in the first place.

We can help. At Sanders Law Firm, we have made it our mission to help families who have been affected by birth injuries that arise from medical malpractice. Our firm has provided qualified guidance and representation in these matters since 1945. Based in Roswell, and serving throughout New Mexico, we understand how to establish a health care professional’s liability, and we fight to pursue justice and restitution for the clients we represent. This is why the American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys has listed us among their “10 Best Law Firms” in the United States.

Helping You Determine If The Doctor Was At Fault

In some cases, Erb’s palsy can be treated or repaired by means of surgical intervention. Sometimes it even corrects itself, though such occurrences are rare. Nevertheless, the seriousness of the condition should not be underestimated, and it is important to obtain both medical and legal help as soon as you are able.

If the condition arose as a result of a health care professional’s negligence, you may be entitled to financial compensation on account of your child’s suffering. It is vital that you act quickly, however; if you wait too long, claims become difficult — sometimes impossible — to prove.

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