Why The Authorities Are Harsh On Drunk Drivers

The statistics concerning alcohol use in New Mexico are grim. According to a recent article in The New Mexican*, we lead the nation in alcohol-related deaths. A great many of these are the result of drunk driving accidents. Our DUI rate is well above the nation’s average, and we have the country’s worst ranking in crashes involving bicyclists and pedestrians. As a result, the authorities are not lenient with drunk drivers. Even first-time offenders find themselves facing serious penalties, including expensive fines and lengthy jail terms.

Yet police are often overzealous in their pursuit of drunk drivers. In many situations, they pull drivers over without cause, and arrest individuals who are below the legal limit — indeed, many individuals are charged with DUI even when they haven’t had a single drink.

We can help. At Sanders Law Firm, we offer staunch defense representation to individuals charged with drunk driving. We understand the stress involved in such situations; we know how the establishment of a criminal record can affect your ability to find or keep a job, or how it can affect your reputation. With this in mind, we provide assertive and discrete counsel, challenging the prosecution at every step and fighting to have the charges against you reduced or dismissed.

How We Help

Procedural errors are a common part of DUI/DWI cases. There are plenty of opportunities for police and prosecutors to violate a driver’s rights, and in many cases they do. Moreover, roadside tests are notoriously faulty, and their results should be challenged whenever feasible.

Our lawyers know how to investigate every aspect of a DUI charge. If there is a weakness, we will find it — and leverage it to our client’s advantage. We are skilled at negotiating with prosecutors to minimize the potential penalties faced by our clients, and if it is possible we will seek to have a case dismissed.

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