When Improper Health Care Leads To Birth Defects

Child birth is supposed to be a joyful experience. With some frequency, however, health care professionals make negligent mistakes, and the effects are often serious. There is nothing worse than having a child or birth mother suffer from an injury. That is why medical malpractice laws were established — to deter health care professionals from acting carelessly and to compensate victims when they do so.

Having litigated medical malpractice cases across New Mexico, the lawyers at Sanders Law Firm possess the expertise and experience to represent those injured during birth. We work with a range of medical professionals to establish whether malpractice took place. We are skilled in investigating such matters thoroughly, and holding the responsible parties to account.

The Questions That Arise

Some injuries are unavoidable. Despite advances in the medical science, there are, simply put, difficult births that have unwanted outcomes. Still, a great many birth injuries arise from negligence.

A key determination in such matters is to verify whether appropriate precautions were taken, and whether the involved medical professionals met acceptable standards of care. Even small lapses in judgment can lead to suffering; if, for example, a doctor or nurse failed to show up on time to a delivery and an injury occurred as a result, negligence may be possible to establish.

Birth injuries can occur at varying stages, sometimes during labor, or during delivery, or even after the birth. Common birth injuries that may be the result of substandard care are:

Our legal team undertakes to determine the time of injury, the causes of injury, and the individuals and institutions liable. Our aim in every case is to obtain justice and restitution for the individuals and families we represent.

We Help Provide Closure

An action against a physician for medical negligence causing the death or injury of your child may be an important part of gaining closure in a traumatic experience. While no amount of money can make up the loss, it may relieve some financial burden.

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