Legal Support When A Birth Injury Leads To Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is a common birth injury that inhibits proper motor development and leads to life-long problems with posture, gait and coordination. Individuals with cerebral palsy are likely to have intellectual impairments as well. The condition arises when there is damage to the fetal or infant’s brain. Too often, such damage is the result of medical negligence — that is, it results when a doctor or other medical professional fails to abide by or meet the standards of appropriate care.

If you believe you or a family member has been a victim of such negligence, Sanders Law Firm can help you pursue restitution and justice. While our attorneys cannot reverse the effects of malpractice, we know how to hold the responsible parties to account. We can fight to obtain financial compensation to meet the costs of a child’s needs, as well as for pain and suffering the parents endure. Based in Roswell, we serve throughout New Mexico, and have developed a reputation for effectiveness in the area of medical malpractice.

How Malpractice Occurs

People often think that only physicians can be medically negligent. The reality is that a nurse, midwife, anesthesiologist, or even a hospital itself can fail to provide the appropriate care, resulting in tragic and life-altering birth injury.

Cerebral palsy may be caused by damage to the motor control portions of a child’s developing brain. Sometimes this damage is the result of trauma to the brain or inadequate oxygen. This damage can occur during pregnancy or during birth. A diagnosis will be a life-changing event. Our attorneys understand the seriousness of your situation; we know how it affects both the development of a child and the family as a whole.

If your child has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, and you believe that medical errors were the cause, contact our firm for help. You can call us at 575-578-4392 or reach us online. Initial consultations are free so we can assess your situation and inform you of the likely outcomes before you’re obliged to retain us. In addition to our Roswell office, we have locations in Albuquerque and Hobbs as well.