Holding School Districts Responsible For Injured Students

When you send your children off to school each and every day, you expect — reasonably — that they will not be injured during the course of their school day. Yet injuries occur surprisingly often in schools and on school property. Some of these, such as injuries incurred while playing after-school sports, are excusable. Others, such as suffering an injury during gym class, are less so.

If your child has been hurt on school premises, you may be able to pursue compensation to help pay for medical care and related expenses. The attorneys at Sanders Law Firm can help you obtain it. Since 1945, our firm has provided qualified legal counsel to individuals throughout New Mexico. We’ve earned a reputation for effectiveness when it comes to helping injury victims, and stand ready to help you, too.

Strengthening Your Case

A lawyer is essential to pursuing restitution and justice. But you must involve yourself in the case by providing your legal counsel with as much information as possible concerning:

  • How the injury happened — How was your child injured? Was another student or students involved? Did a teacher play a role? Could a security guard have prevented the injury? Did your child slip on school property that wasn’t adequately maintained?
  • The nature of the injuries — What injuries did your child suffer? Did he or she receive medical care? Has he or she followed the doctor’s counsel? How did the school help facilitate the child’s medical attention?
  • What are the implications? — What are the implications and ramifications of your child’s injuries? Is he or she timid about returning to school? Will their injuries result in substantial medical expenses? If there were other students involved, were they punished?

The more information you’re able to provide, the stronger your case will be. To learn more, or to speak with a lawyer, reach out to our firm. You can call us at 575-578-4392 or contact us online. Initial consultations are free and confidential. We’re here to answer your questions and address your concerns.

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