New Mexico Roads Are Not Bike-Friendly

Every year in the United States there are between 40,000 and 50,000 collisions involving bicycles hit by motor vehicles. This leads to thousands of serious injuries and several hundred deaths. Moreover, according to the Albuquerque Journal, the state of New Mexico has the unfortunate distinction of being the second-deadliest state for bicyclists. This results from a lack of infrastructure, a high incidence of drunk and drugged driving, and drivers’ general lack of awareness concerning how to share the road.

If you’ve been injured while on your bike, it is important to work with an attorney who can help you pursue maximum restitution from the responsible party. Many find this as the only way they can obtain the funds they need for adequate medical care and related costs. Otherwise, injury victims often find themselves cheated by insurance companies seeking to underpay or deny their claims.

We can help. Since 1945, the lawyers at Sanders Law Firm have helped individuals and their families in the aftermath of bicycle collisions. We understand how to establish the fault of the liable party, fight back against insurers’ underhanded tactics, and assert the rights and interest of the clients we represent. We’ve recovered millions of dollars on behalf of our clients, and we’re ready to help you, too.

Improving Your Chances Of Success

Once you have chosen an accident attorney to represent you, be sure to discuss with them the following:

  • Accident details — Where and when did the accident take place? Were you cycling in an area where drivers are known to regularly speed? What were the road conditions like? In some instances, local officials (city, town etc.) could be held responsible if there are known road problems (sizable potholes, missing signage etc.) and they have not addressed them. Did anyone witness your accident? If so, would they speak on your behalf?
  • Injuries and financial fallout — What kind of injury or injuries did you suffer? Will you require substantial physical rehabilitation? How has this accident impacted you financially? If missing time at work (and not being compensated for that time), how will that impact your ability to provide for yourself and/or your family?

If you are a surviving family member of an individual who has died in such an accident, our firm is uniquely prepared to assist. While we cannot undo the effects of a collision, our aim in every matter is to help individuals and families pursue the justice they deserve.

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